In 2018, Chinas new energy vehicle industry has developed rapidly. The production and sales of new energy vehicles have both exceeded one million, more than 300 new EV manufacturers have emerged, and the total installed capacity of power batteries has reached 56.89GWh. Along with the rapid development of new energy vehicle industry, it also faces some problems and challenges. Battery safety, research and development of key technologies, inconvenience in charging and long charging time will directly affect the future development of new energy vehicles. It can be said that whoever masters the key and core technologies will have the initiative to develop new energy vehicles. In the future, the industry integration and competition will be further intensified, the pace of advanced technology to seize the market will be faster, the domestic and foreign trade docking and technical exchanges will be more frequent, and the three forces of policy, technology and market will jointly promote the quality upgrading and industrial upgrading of China's new energy vehicles.

Given this background,  "2019 China New Energy Vehicle Industry Collaborative Innovation Forum" will be held on July 7 in China National Convention Center. we will invite well-known experts in the industry and leaders of relevant well-known enterprises to conduct in-depth discussion on the problems currently faced by electric vehicles, power batteries and charging facilities, so as to provide a good platform for technical exchanges between the government, scientific research institutions and enterprises and promote the coordinated development of various links in the new energy vehicle industry.

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